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No More Waiting In Line

MBet™ works with any smart phone or tablet to bring wagering to the palm of your hand. Mobile betting makes the wagering process quicker and easier, meaning no more waiting in line to place a bet.

Simple. Convenient. Secure.

If assistance is needed with any of these steps, please go to The Starting Gate info area.

How To Use MBet™

How to Set up your daily account

  1. Visit any teller window.
  2. Present your Driver’s License.
  3. Make an initial deposit.
  4. You will be provided with a voucher which will contain your account number and PIN number.

It is important that you keep your daily account voucher.

How to Deposit/ Withdraw Money

  1. Visit any teller window.
  2. Present your Driver’s License and account number.
  3. Make your cash deposit.
  4. Return to any teller window to withdraw your winnings.

How to Access Wi-Fi and Log In

  1. Open settings/manage connections on your phone and turn on Wi-Fi.
  2. Access Retama Park Network
    Blackberry: Set-up Wi-Fi connection and choose “Retama Bets.”
    iPhone & Droid: Choose “Retama Bets.”
  3. Enter the password: RetamaBets. Then click on the “Connect to Wi-Fi” button.
  4. Wait for connection.
  5. Close Settings page.
  6. Open browser and go to
  7. Enter your account number and PIN from your voucher.

You are now ready to place wagers!